As with many of these revitalising/rebranding projects, our first point of call was to simplify the name, making it more instantly memorable for today's digital world. The somewhat wordy 'Lincolnshire RoadCar' was reduced down to a simple 'RoadCar', with service numbers being suffixed to create a situation where you have RoadCar1, RoadCar3 etc. For instant recognition on all marketing communication, this then became RC1 or RC3 - looking modern, feeling modern.

The company's colour palette had altered over the years, using green, cream, yellow and even the odd splash of blue, so we decided to follow suit and keep variety the spice of life.

Each route was to be colour specific, accompanied by an image representative of the area it was serving. Add in a simple angled line to differentiate the two-tone colourway and you have what starts to become a simple, effective and striking branding exercise.

This theme is then seamlessly carried through to the timetables which show the different colourways in all their glory - racked up and providing a colour explosion.

All in all, this revamp ensures RoadCar truly lights up the streets of Lincolnshire.

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