An awareness campaign for First Bus aimed to promote the pilot scheme of a new customer feedback system in Bristol with a view that it is then rolled out UK wide.

The scheme would look to survey customers with the theme of 'How was your journey today' in two ways: 

1) In transit: through paper ticket advertising, on bus posters, coves, WiFi landing page, etc.

2) Post-journey: through social media, website (i.e. people who have got home or into work and had time to respond)

Either way, they wanted to make sure it was actually from people who used their service that day that was responding.  

The questions we ask customers are very simple:
• What service did you travel on?
• How satisfied were you with the journey?
• How likely are you to recommend the service to a friend? 
• Why? 

The campaign consisted of the following creative:
• On-bus poster
• Rear ticket advert
• First website banner ad
• Facebook posts
• Instagram posts
• Twitter posts
• Paid social media ads
• On-bus cove

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