Norwich bus network improvement campaign

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising

First had made dramatic improvements to their network in Norwich, making buses simpler, easier and smarter, with frequent, colour-coded bus routes taking people all across the city and beyond. They came to us wanting to show people that getting a bus in Norwich was now simple. So we created a distinctive and fun campaign to do just that!

Here's what the client had to say...

"The click-through rate on the web-based ads we ran was really high – sometimes well over 1000 a day.  Visits to our Network Norwich sub-site have been consistently healthy since the campaign started and we’ve had praise from various sources about the content, campaign etc.

"And, what’s fantastic is that the campaign you devised can be extended and adapted almost infinitely.  We did a couple of Xmas ones that we ran on the EDP website and used in our sponsorship of the Norwich Ice Rink and I’m expecting more as we run into this year as the campaign continues."

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