For this rebrand although we go back to the days of Southend Transport, in reality, what we are doing is bringing a current service — Arriva’s 9 Wave — bang up to date.

A new identity, a new colour way and a whole new look await this Thames Estuary bus. We were keen to do an MHD take on a seaside/coaster service, showing an alternative to the much-copied formula of sun, sandcastles and lollipops, with our service looking classy rather than kiss-me-quick.

The new identity is a stylised evolution of the word Wave, joining the four letters together to emphasise the fluidity of the sea. Coupled with a colour graduation from blue to turquoise and striking wave silhouette, it leaves the customer not knowing whether to jump in or jump on.

The branding is extended seamlessly on to the timetable as one would expect — the same identity, the same colours, the same curves — making everything as easy as possible for the customer to put two and two together. 

So, if you see Wave on the streets of Southend, it doesn’t matter whether you catch, surf or ride (as the strapline suggests), as long as you get on board and enjoy the coastal views.

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